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Before I begin on what I am using now, I have to explain what I went through. If you all were like me then having your nails done is a must for you!  I rocked Fake nails for SIX years; The plastic nail glued onto my natural nails ruined my them tremendously. Never thought about what it was doing to my nails until I took them off and switched over to an overlay (Acrylic on top of my natural nails) to avoid using the plastic nails and glue thinking it’ll be better as they clamied it’s more natural, and not as bad for your nails, so that got my attention. I’m thinking well they know more than me and have been doing this for so long, so i figured this must be better for my nails. But NO, Acrylic nails, which is a mixture of liquid and powder combined together into this dough to shape your nail. It makes them look very nice looking, truthfully. Acrylic has Toluene which is a clear colorless liquid, that occurs in crude oil, along with Formaldehyde; this is used in nail polish and to harden the nail so it suffocates the nail. Dibutyl Phthalate which can cause reproductive damage, and methacrylate compounds. Those ingredients turned my nails yellow and made them look awful, so then I switched to powdered gel, which is a new thing now. It is really cool how they do it, but turns out that ruins your nails also! This still has the acrylic products in it, it’s in between a mani and a fake nail. They call it an “acrylic diet”.  It all suffocates the nails, then they use their machine which is horrible for your nails. It’s all bad, but I know we all just want to look cute! And the fact the nail technicians wear masks, is even worse because they know it is all chemical fumes in the air while doing your nails, and we’re breathing it in.


While I was doing that with my nails, I was getting Pedicures, with just regular polish. Truth be told that ruined my toe nails also. Before I begin, let me explain why Nail Polish is not good for your nails…it contains formaldehyde what is known as the toxic trio of chemicals: formaldehyde which causes cancer, dibutyl phthalate which like I said earlier can cause reproductive damage, and toluene which causes neurological damage.


So at this point in my life i was just aggravated. I had yellow nails, they were extremely dead and weak. So this is another reason I switched over to the organic natural lifestyle. After going through all that nonsense and researching, I’ve found out they had Organic Nail Polish.

What!!? Of course i grabbed the debit card, which is hard to find in my handy jungle bag but  I had to try this out.  Talk about a life changer, this polish does not make your nails yellow or nasty looking at all! It helps them grow and strengthen them overtime. Big difference! Even though I found an organic polish i still let my nails breath occasionally because the air is more natural than anything.  


The polish I found was by my favorite brand 100 Percent Pure, their nail polishes are very cute, so many colors and it takes them awhile to chip away. I got asked if my polish was Gel, so obviously the colors look great! These polishes has no formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, Camphor, formaldehyde resin, xylene, parabens, fragrances, phthalates and animal ingredients. Cruelty-Free nail polish. If your nail polish doesn’t have the Bunny on it then you’re risking animal lives!

So after all this experience I found what works the best, and what is better for your nails. I’ll be honest I do miss my Acrylic nails very much, but I will grow my own nails out and shape them myself and they will look just as good and healthy!

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