The Latest Fashion Trends for the Everyday Girl

For me, fashion—the whole process of choosing what to wear and dressing up—is a great form of art, creativity, and self-expression. With this blog, I hope to showcase my outfits and teach you how to rock different looks – finding the perfect look for any occasion. I’ll also update you on the latest fashion trends, where I get my clothing, what styles and items I like, and how to wear them for certain events.

While I do wear sweatpants and PJs, I do enjoy dressing up for events and special occasions the most. Through this blog I will document everything I wear—from statement pieces to pared-back classics. Check in here regularly as I update you with street style fashion that is effortless and never goes out of style.

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Finding the Right Style for Every Occasion

While the latest fashion trends are great to experiment with, they usually come and go. Through this blog watch as I document things as I develop my own signature style, something that is not based on what’s new or what’s trendy, but based on my own personal style and individuality.

As an online extension of my life, this natural lifestyle blog will feature all the fashionable things that make my heart race, without conforming to the expectations of how society expects a woman should dress.

Latest Fashion Trends & Tutorials
Latest Fashion Trends | Natural, Organic Fashion

A Natural & Organic Approach to Fashion and Style

As a lifestyle blogger, I am committed to natural and organic beauty, health and wellness, and eco-friendly living. I believe in having a natural approach to beauty and finding beauty in everyday things. I believe that life is more fun if we fill it with beautiful things—whether it is a red lipstick, a pair of jeans that is the perfect fit, or a cozy cashmere sweater.

With the abundance of blogs on the latest fashion trends, YouTubers, and Instagram feeds out there, it can be easy to fall into a black hole. When you do finally look up from your screen, you realize you’re still in your yoga pants and you’ve already spent enormous amounts of time reading through fashion blogs and yet you still don’t know what to wear.

There are already so many blogs out there that are dedicated to the latest fashion trends, which is why I hope to make a difference by using this platform to offer practical, effortless yet fashionable tips and advice, and offer like-minded women (and men!) some fashion inspiration. My blog will be dedicated to natural beauty and attainable fashion. Aside from my OOTD, I’ll be dishing out personal anecdotes, outfit suggestions, and showcase brands that reflect my personality and values.

Confessions of a A Shoe Addict

Also expect a lot of shoefie snaps from me, as I personally think shoes are the perfect fashion accessory. In my experience, shoes are often central to creating the ideal outfit for any occasion.

If you are obsessed about fashion (just like me!) then please take a look around as I show off my OOTDs. I hope that you join me in my journey as I experiment with different looks and the latest fashion trends. If you have any suggestions or comments or if you just want to say hi, please feel free to comment or reach out to me!