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We all should know that our skin is very important to us, keeping it healthy should be the number one priority in the morning and at night. If not, listen and change it now! Everyone’s skin is different so the struggle is real when we are looking for the right products to nurture our skin. Trust me my skin has been through a lot and changed with every product. I’ve now found the best natural/organic products that work perfect for my skin and could benefit yours. These products are made with the best ingredients and the highest level of quality. I will be making videos of my skin care routine day and night and I will be uploading them on youtube soon! Till then you will have to keep on reading…. the wait will be worth it.
Before I begin, Everyone skin isn’t perfect, I have always had small areas surrounding my face where there’s a cluster of red bumps on my face, somewhat like a minor rash, very strange and ugly….really annoying. They’re slowly going away now! Thank god, Nightly or Morning facials whatever time works best for you are really good remedies to clear clusters.. We’ll talk more about that! Ever since I switched to Organic Natural Products and started being consistent with my daily skin routine, my face is improving a lot! Starting to see some amazing results which makes me so proud! This will be my morning and night routine, I try to keep it simple and never switch it up because I do have sensitive skin. So first let’s begin with my morning routine, The soap I use for my morning cleanse, is called Calming Calendula. It is handcrafted, all natural, and manufactured in Cabery, IL, by Kimberly’s Kupboard. I love local or nearby businesses, that are organic and natural. I encourage you all to support local small businesses; but thats another topic. So this soap is really nice, I love it so far! Its for redness, acne, texture skin, also for baby rash. Basically its an healing soap! Check her out she has a lot of great products! After the cleansing I use my Witch Hazel Rose or Lavender Toner deep into my skin because toners are amazing, I massage it into my skin with a fluffy organic cotton ball for a good 10mins, could be over exaggerated but seriously toners are amazing. Toners are great because they treat blemishes, nourishes the skin, and also it gives you that extra cleansing, especially after wearing makeup all day. The witch hazel toner I use is by Thayres they’ve been around since 1847! You know its a good product if it’s been around that long. I love Rose scent anything because it smells amazing and it is very good for your skin especially for sensitive skin which is mwah, also the lavender is very calming and great on the skin. After that, I use the Josie Maran 100 Percent Argon Oil Light Moisturizer, you don’t need much at all, this is the best !! My skin looks and feels amazing !! Both of these products are for Oily, Dry, Sensitive skin, in that case I do recommend these! Then of course you have to treat underneath your eyes! Under your eyes is the most sensitive area because the skin there is very thin, so never rub your eyes or stretch them!!!! You’ll thank me when you’re old with little to no wrinkles. My favorite is the 100Percent Pure Coffee Bean Eye Cream, I love 100 Percent Pure products, their ingredients are so natural and pure! Now all you do is dot it underneath your eyes and dab it into your skin, do not rub it in! Dab lightly downwards then upwards. Then grab some wine and relax, a lot of people don’t realized that stress also has a impact on your skin. So throw your phone, close your eyes for just ten minutes and just breath and have some YOU time!
So, that is the Morning routine also the evening routine except now the only thing different I do at night I use instead of my Soap I cleanse with, I rather cleanse my face with the Josie Maran Argon Oil Cleanser. I use my fingertips to massage the Josie Maran in my skin and rinse it off with a splash of warm water. Of course with me, I freak out about ingredients so I make sure the ingredients are clean, and as pure as possible. This hydrates, repairs, replenishes my skin cells and also it takes away make up since its an oil which is all in one! It also has Grape seed Oil which improves elasticity to the skin, this means it will help line free, wrinkle free and keep that youth in your face. It also has grapefruit Oil which energizes and awakens the skin! Gives you that glow! After I wash the Josie Maran with a warm wash cloth to get that make up off and open those pores (Warm water to open pours so those ingredients can seep into my pores) then rinse with cold water to close those pores up. Then do the same thing as my morning routine. So just a slight difference.
Twice a week I will do a face Peel Mask, or a Charcoal Mask. The peeling mask I have is the Gratiae Organic Beauty by Nature Renewing Peeling Gel, this is expensive but it works so well! So worth it! It will last you a while and you honestly don’t need much. Dot this around your face and spread it out with the spoon they give you, let it sit for about 30 minutes or till your face feels stiff. This mask is different than others, all I do is rub it off with a damp cotton ball. This keeps your skin looking very fresh new and it firms your face, after using this you will see it takes away all the dead skin and softens the skin big time! Especially if you have deep pores and blackheads, this will be perfect for you! I also use sometimes the Michael Todd True Organics Charcoal Detoxifying Facial Mask, this mask leaves your skin very smooth and refreshed. Though the Gratiae took over for me, I love both of these products but I see more of a result for that deep cleaning that I am looking for with the Gratiae. It works wonders!

This is my skin care routine, l hope this helps and opens your mind to a new way of living and loving the skin you’re in! Because all women are beautiful 🙂 Share below your feedback or any questions you might have! Ciao!


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