Jane Iredale Gold Time BB Cream Foundation

Ciao Loves, this is my review and thoughts on the Jane Iredale foundation.  I had to try this out because a lot of people were giving great reviews on this product, and I just had to find out ! Now this is a full coverage foundation even though it is a BB Cream,(which is one of the reasons why I had to get it). I’ve been searching for a BB cream just to try out something different, and blog about it! Plus i try out tons of new products for you loves, duh!.


Now, what is a BB Cream? It’s skincare/makeup all in one, it’s a moisturizer, sun protectant, and foundation. I was extremely stuck on the Vapour Organic Foundation because it’s one of my favorites but after trying this BB Cream by Jane Iredale. I was impressed. Switching from Vapour to the Jane Iredale i can tell a big difference. Two different feelings and looks. I was not used to a full facial coverage like what the Jane Iredale BB cream gives you, some of you may be used to this, and some of you may be not. So, I definitely have my pros and cons for this product.


Hmm… let’s just start with the cons and just to get this over with. One thing i disliked was, how thick it was. It is very thick, and because of this you have to hurry and blend this product out, I used my fingers for a perfect even blend. I love using my fingers, it’s easy and your fingers don’t pick up as much makeup and it blends very nicely. It is a full coverage foundation and I am personally not used to that, I always have used medium to full coverage. This foundation takes all color away from your face, your face is defiantly a one color canvas. Which is normal for full coverage foundations but like I said I am not used to this.  Because you get a blank canvas, you use more products on your face to give you color.  I don’t like to put too much on my face because it does look like you’ve caked on a lot of makeup, and i hate caking on makeup because i love my skin and don’t want makeup to cover any flaws or hide my beauty. So, it all depends on your preference, but if you like those full on glam looks like what you see on Instagram then this is a perfect pigmented full foundation match for you and on top of that it is organic and way better ingredients than the unnatural full coverage foundations.

Now, my pros. I have to say it is a beautiful foundation. It’s not my favorite but this is the right choice if you are looking for a natural full coverage.  It gives you more benefits than just a foundation, it protect your skin from the sun, smooths and brightens it. Also, it’s vegan and gluten free, so it is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and sensitivity tested.  My opinion it has a nice smell to it, and you can do a lot of great looks with this foundation.

It all depends on what you like, but if you are looking for a full coverage, then yes this is the one. I would say this really is the best full on coverage in the organic natural beauty life i’ve ran across. I still have a ton of other products i want to test out! Just try it out and experiment  with it, and give me your thoughts!


Shop: http://janeiredale.com

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