Finding the Best Organic Makeup: My Journey

In my younger days, I used to wear all the popular and high-end makeup cosmetics being branded about by the popular beauty magazines, bloggers, and YouTubers. Unfortunately, my skin suffered a lot. My skin broke out all the time, and I had a lot of bumps on my face.

I did a lot of research on what went into some of the holy grail makeup I was buying. I realized that all of the skin imperfections I was experiencing were due to some of the ingredients contained in the makeup I was using. They were all high end and expensive, so I was expecting that the manufacturers were using high-quality ingredients.

Unfortunately, I found out that some of these ingredients were actually doing more harm than good for my skin. This is why I came to the decision to switch to organic makeup. With natural organic makeup, my skin improved a lot and has never been better, and I never looked back.

My Advice When Choosing Makeup

Taking care of your skin is very important. Your skin serves as a canvas and your makeup is your palette. In order to make the most out of your makeup collection, you need to take care of your skin first.

I do this by researching all of the ingredients in every makeup product I use, and I think you should do the same. You need to know what to avoid in makeup ingredients. Most people have no idea what they are putting on their skin, and plenty of it is really nasty stuff that will do more harm than good.

Organic Makeup Tutorials & Reviews
Organic Makeup Guides, Videos, & Reviews

Why We Should All Be Using Organic Makeup

My overall approach to makeup is to only use natural beauty products and organic makeup. I believe that these will not only make your skin healthier, they will also ensure you are protected from potentially harmful ingredients. Finding the best natural ingredients is important, both for your health and your skin.

What to Expect from My Beauty-Related Posts

People have the misconception that organic makeup is limiting, and that their creative options will be stifled. My blog will prove otherwise. I believe that just because you are using organic makeup, it does not mean you can’t create beautiful and naturally glamorous looks out of it. Aside from the latest fashion trends, I will also be regularly posting beauty tutorials showing subscribers how get the best looks including natural nude fresh and natural glam makeup looks.

I strive to emphasize how to create naturally glamorous looks using organic makeup. I also post about my makeup routine for day and night and my skincare regimen. I regularly review various organic makeup brands and products that you can use to create your own everyday fresh nude or natural glam makeup looks.

Finally, with naturally curly hair myself, I am familiar with the struggles people with curly hair face, especially when it comes to humidity. I strive to share some of the best natural and organic products for curly hair and will share my hair care routine as well right here on the blog.

Contact Me About Organic Makeup

If you have questions, requests for post topics, or would like help with where to find the organic makeup and natural cosmetics that I suggest, contact me today!