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Ciao! My name is Teresa Marie Ronchetto, and I’m the face behind this organic beauty and lifestyle blog. I am 21 years old, young, free, and ambitious!

I’m originally from St. Louis, Missouri where I work as a freelance model and network in my industry. I am passionate about helping people look their very best in the most natural way, through the use of organic cosmetics and beauty products.

Why I Created My Blog

I created my blog “TeraZMarie” to inspire both women and men with new bold ideas in fashion, beauty, and living naturally. Fashion has always been a love of mine since day one. As a fashion connoisseur, I am frequently late in order to ensure I have the right outfit for the occasion. It is a very precious hobby of mine to create the proper ensemble and over-all look for any occasion—from running small errands, to attending a wedding or a black-tie gala.

For me, fashion is a form of self-expression. It is all about wearing what makes you feel great about yourself. However, it is also about making a great first impression. I dress to show off my personality, but at the same time, I am not afraid to experiment with new fashion trends to determine if they will work on me. My blog will document all of my outfits and will hopefully serve as a style inspiration to my readers.

Organic Cosmetics | TeraZMarie
Organic Cosmetics & Makeup Tutorials and Reviews

My Passion for the Organic Cosmetics and Beauty Lifestyle

Beauty is something you learn to appreciate with age and as you grow in your knowledge about it. I believe in learning about beauty the most natural way – by using organic cosmetics. It is very important to sustain beauty by choosing the most natural products to use on your face and body.

Not many people have the knowledge of how to become fashionable and beautiful using organic makeup. This is where I come in. While I’m no chemist and I have no background in science, I try my best to do research. I found out that there are some chemicals and toxins in today’s most popular makeup and skincare products that should be avoided. I aim to share these with you all in my blog, and to provide alternatives in the form of organic cosmetics.

I will give you the overall glamour run down on how to create the right look for the right price, as well as inform you about the best natural ingredients and recommend the best organic cosmetics for your face and body.

Follow Me on My Journey with Organic Cosmetics

This blog will focus on organic cosmetics and natural beauty products, as well as promote clean eating and healthy lifestyle. I will regularly post organic cosmetics tutorials and product reviews. I will also post about my healthy recipes and fitness tips, recommend products, as well as share my favorite places to eat, visit, or hang out.

My goal is to inspire you to make these small changes as you make the transition to a glamorous, organic and healthier lifestyle. Together, we can look and feel great about ourselves.

Questions about me or the natural cosmetics I post about? Leave a comment or contact me today!