CIAO LOVES! Went to one of my favorite stores here in Atlanta,’ Fig And Flower’ and got some new goodies! I needed something for my face for an everyday look, and found this ILIA Sheer Vivid Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20 which is great for wearing at the pool, or a hot summer day. I…read more


Ciao Loves!   Let me tell you about my favorite detox drink…. it involves Apple Cider Vinegar which is an amazing product, It works wonders in so many ways, as you can tell, apple cider vinegar is my go to for almost everything.  This drink is pretty good, but I’m not going to lie to…read more

Apple Cider Mask

Ciao Loves, Before I transitioned to the organic, natural lifestyle; I had no clue about using apple cider vinegar for anything besides cooking. I’ve ran across a brand called Mother which is the good stuff! All natural. I like it because it has the most nutrients in it, very good for your skin to your…read more

The Golden Beauty Castor Oil

Ciao Loves! So, I went through this stage where I always plucked my brows. Worst mistake ever! I was walking around with caterpillar eyebrows, literally, I’m not exaggerating. I didn’t pluck to shape them I plucked them so they wouldn’t be thick. Crazy right? I know, but back in the day thick brows were really…read more

Natural Face Routine!

Ciao Loves! We all should know that our skin is very important to us, keeping it healthy should be the number one priority in the morning and at night. If not, listen and change it now! Everyone’s skin is different so the struggle is real when we are looking for the right products to nurture…read more